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Which Diet to Follow?

Fat Loss
Why People lose weight on Famous Diet types?

Let me answer it one by one: Intermittent Fasting: Usually people skip either Breakfast or Dinner. So let’s say you consume 4 meals in a day of 400 Calories each which makes upto total - 4*400 =1600 Calories . Now skipping one meal means there is a drop of 400 Calories and now the new Caloric intake is 1600-400 =1200 Calories. This is why you lose weight. Ketogenic Diet: It is a diet with negligible Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates which breaks down to glucose gets stored as glycogen in the body and glycogen retains water in it. When you drop your Carb intake, there is an immediate drop in water retention because body tries to break down glycogen to get glucose before it switches to Ketogenic mode. This leads to an immediate drop of 1-5 kgs if of body weight due to glycogen and water loss. Also since ketogenic diet is protein and fat diet with no additional carbs, you tend to eat lesser Quantity of food which leads to lower Caloric intake than usual. So Calorie Deficit. This is why you lose more weight here. Fruit and Vegetable diet: Fruits and Veggies have low fat and negligible to no protein. The primary Calorie source is Carbohydrates which is 4 Calories per gm. 100 gms of veggies have approx 50-100 Calories. So even if you eat 1000 gms veggies, you will consume Calories in between 500-1500 which is low and hence you lose weight. No refined sugar diet: Imagine you eat everything the same as usual and cut off refined sugar. It means you are cutting off Calories coming from sugar which again leads to Calorie deficit. Hence, you lose weight. Walking or Running: Imagine you eat everything as usual and added running or brisk walking to routine. It burns aprox 300-400 Calories if it is intense and done for an hour. Now this additional expenditure of Calories leads to weight loss. So my point is ; losing weight is not rocket science. But over simplifying or over complicating it is not good either. There is a lot more than Calories in vs Calories out that affects weight loss or weight gain. But for a layman, controlling Calories in vs Calories out is a good start. Don’t just follow a Diet type just because someone you know followed it and lost weight. Understand the reason why they lost and trust Science. Learn to catch a Fish rather than buying fancy fish nets to catch more Fish. #dimaagkibattijalao Note: The numbers used to explain are approximate values only.

Sheeraz Shah

Sheikh Nadir how can I find out the amount of calories I should in take in order to loss wight from 100 to 70kgs. Does only diet control works in achieving this target?

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