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Which diet is the best diet?

Which diet is the best diet?

Well this is a common question which every other client ask us coaches. Everyone wants a diet chart from others whose transformations they have seen on fittr group. They think the person who has transformed has followed one diet chart and have transformed. They miss out many things here including there is no one diet chart or calories the other person has followed to be able to transform. There is no one best diet which works upon everyone. If that was the case we might have had posted that one best diet chart in the group and everyone would just follow and the whole fittr group will be fit. Now coming back to the question - which is the best diet? So to answer that let me tell you the best diet for you is the one which you can follow, sustain and adapt as a lifestyle. Everyone have their own food choices & the variety of food they like in their diets. The diet does not have to be same for everyone. Everyone have to find their own sustainability and look for the options they want to include within their total calories with certain protein requirements as per their goal. Once you have managed to set up your goal, your total calories & macros you can now include all those food items you can easily consume and sustain. Also, the food items does not have to be same always you can keep changing them to add variety in it so that you do not get bored of only one food item. Your long term adherence towards the diet is most important as opposed to micro management of macros and the diet type. If you can adhere to a diet you can easily follow you can easily flow through your journey and reach your health goals. #diet #nutrition #sustainable #lifestyle #healthgoals #fitnessjourney

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