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Whey Protein with Digestive Enzymes: Necessary or just another Marketing Gimmick

Need for Whey Protein

When it comes to incorporating the supplements as a part of your fitness, whey protein continues to be most preferred among the fitness enthusiast. We as a community have always encouraged that neither whey protein nor any other supplement is of utmost importance when it comes to achieving your physique goals. However, if you think about the convenience of consuming daily dietary protein, whey protein supplementation does add significant value in doing so. Apart from convenience, another reason why whey protein is so popular is because of its high rank in bio-availability index (speed of absorption and its usability), hence people also prefer to consume it as pre and post workout fuel. Rising Competition Very recently with the rising competitive market of supplements industry, we have seen many companies claiming “that consumption of whey protein is waste without added digestive enzymes” and we suddenly see there are companies selling whey protein variants with added digestive enzymes and whey with advanced absorption formulas, which of course are at slightly marked up prices. Science of Digestion No doubt, breakdown of proteins into amino acid is a complex process and enzymes play very important roles behind this long process. The two most important enzymes are (I) Protease- that breaks down protein into constituent amino acids and (II) Lactase- that digests milk proteins. Both the enzymes are already available in our body without need for any external support, unless you have medical deficiency, or you are lactose intolerant and whey protein is nothing but byproduct of milk, a liquid that is strained to form cheese, which is then pasteurized and dried into a powder form. Conclusion Now without dwelling into too much of science, let me just say that till the time you have been drinking milk from your childhood you need not worry about not digesting your whey protein fully, and don’t fall for marketing gimmicks like “Whey protein is useless without digestive enzymes or you need some Whey protein with advanced absorption formulas”. On the contrary supplementing the enzymes without having any deficiency, might increase your dependency on them and may do more harm than good. Cheers Praveen Budhrani #Fittr #fittrcoach #wheyprotien

Nitesh Dekate

Informative article. Thanks Praveen!

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