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Whey protein myths

Fitness Myths
Whey protein

1. Myth - It magically grows muscles. Science - It helps to complete the protein intake for the day. Muscles will grow when you strategically go on surplus calories with proper training. 2. Myth - Women can't use whey. Science - Whey protein can be used by anyone who wants an easy protein source regardless of the gender. 3. Myth - It is to be taken post workout only. Science - Can be taken anytime of the day. 4. Myth - Should be taken only if you workout. Science - It can be taken even if one doesn't workout. 5. Myth - Whey protein is a must. Science - It's just a supplement. Completing the macronutrient is important. It can be done with or without the help of whey protein supplement. Coach - SHEIKH NAJID SIDDIQUEE

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