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When Not To Excercise

Exercise Science

You may have seen many trainees in the gym who workout even after injuries or having certain medical conditions. It might do good to you or might be detrimental. So here are some cases in which you should completely avoid the workout and some cases in which you can do the workout but with few precautions. Bottomline is, listen to your body and understand if excercise is right at that point or not. 1. Fever Better stay home and rest. Fever is a response to an underlying infection and your immune system is already under stress. Why to put your body under more stress after the workout. 2. Cold You might feel uncomfortable but still you can do light intensity workout. If its a dry cold and you got no breathing difficulties, complete your workout but with lighter loads and keep yourself hydrated. Avoid excercises that needs you to lie down on your back because that might aggravate your cold symptoms and thus disturbs your breathing pattern. 3. Flu Complete NO. Dont workout until you recover completely. 4. Recent Asthma Attack Consult a doctor and rule out the possibility that whether its a respiratory infection or excercise-induced asthma. In case of respiratory infection, skip the workout for few days and let the symptoms subside. In case of excercise induced asthma, go for low to moderate intensity workout - start slowly and warm up for 10 minutes. Stop workout immediately if you can't catch your breath or feel tired and weak. Always have a backup plan in place and that may include carrying your inhaler to the gym or taking a shot before working out. 5. Recent Concussion Concussion is a brain injury caused by a blow to the head or a violent shaking of the head and body (for eg - in a car accident without any external injury or while playing any sports). Do not start your workout until advised by the doctor. 6. Chronic Recurrent Pain Time to see your doctor. You might be considering it as usual muscle soreness but it might be a sign of underlying medical condition. Better to get it checked if its persistent. 7. Inadequate sleep last night 7-8 hours of sleep is required to relieve your body from the stress it has gone through the entire day. Inadequate sleep puts your body under more stress and you will feel fatigue during your workout. Better take a day off and relax. 8. Sharp Pain Vs. Soreness Understand the difference between the two. Soreness is a dull achy feeling with an onset of usually 24-48 hours post workout and may subside within 2-3 days with proper rest and stretching. Muscles may feel tender on touching. Continue the Workout once soreness subsides or you can do light intensity Workout during the soreness period as well. Sharp pain might be a symptom of muscle strain or tear. It can be ligament or tendon injury as well. Avoid the workout and consult with your doctor. Rule out any underlying injury before you start the workout otherwise wait till you recover. In cases of pain, you can opt for alternative workouts to avoid that muscle. For eg, if the injury has affected your lower body, go for light intensity upper body workout. Go for assisted workouts that doesn't put pressure on your lower body at all. In case of upper limbs injury, focus on leg workout or may be core excercises. Keep Workout very simple that it shouldn't worsen the current situation. Act smartly. 9. Your Back Hurts Observe the Workout that leads to constant back pain. It might be forward or backward bending. Avoid those workouts. If the problem persists for long, consult an orthopaedic. MOST IMPORTANT:- Don't Rush Your Comeback Don't try to lift the same weight again on first day or do all the excercises in a single day. You just recovered from an illness or an injury. Give your body some time to heal and recover. Always start with light intensity Workout. There will be definite loss to your strength and your gains but within weeks you will recover all that. Its better to have Patience and recover your strength completely rather than rushing for it and losing it entirely. Have a safe workout !! Dr. Aakash #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr

Sameer mhaske

my friend is suffring with migrain and his body is not supporing him in exercise even if he just do 5 10 push ups. his back start paining and ometing acidity etc.

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