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When is the best time for Workouts?

Often clients ask that when can they do their workouts? 🤔 Answer to this is very simple. You can workout any time of the day: 1. Analyzing your schedule. 2. When you feel energetic. 3. When you can be consistent on a regular basis.💪 Every time you think of doing a workout in the morning just because your friend goes in the morning, you try to wake up but in reality, you are sleepy and lethargic. You need to understand, not everyone is the same, your friend's schedule might allow him to workout with full energies in the morning because he is able to manage his sleep properly. Coming back to you, your late night work might not allow you to complete your sleep and eventually even if you try to hit the gym in the morning you won't feel active and energetic. So what's the point of working out just for the sake of doing. On the other hand, your friend's afternoon schedule might be busy and your energy levels are just at its peak in the noon, so that's the best time for you. So the bottom line is, Everyone is different and you have to chose what's best for you - "AND STICK TO THAT ROUTINE". Trial and error is the best thing, initially, you can try going to the gym at all the possible times according to your schedule, analyze and observe what suits you the best, when are your energy levels high and continue it with good consistency, yes that's the best time for you. There are minor hormonal differences throughout the day but also remember your body will burn just as many calories at night as in the morning, so don't worry. So when do you love to workout? 😜


What if there is no fixed time for gym?

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