Omkar Kamthe

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When clients say they "Only had coffee "

Often clients keep saying "I am not losing weight, I am following everything on point, workouts are perfectly done, so what's wrong ?"

When we go deep into the conversation we realize there are so much of deviations in the nutrition plan. One of my client once told me the same. Diet 100 %, workout 100 %, so what's stopping me from fat loss and when I asked about her every meal, I figured out something different. The difference was about "I only had a coffee" Here's the thing she wasn't referring to black coffee with cream/sugar, but a calorie dense sugar filled, whipped cream topped Starbucks drinks. In reality, there is nothing wrong with an occasional treat in macros, but there is a huge difference between a normal black coffee and coffee shop drink. A grande Starbucks Frappuccino has approximately 360 calories with 54 grams of sugar in it. Now, this coffee drink could be 25-30% percent of her total caloric intake of the day. This habit of consuming extra 350+ calories can bring her fat loss to a halt. So this small early morning coffee or a coffee shop frappuccino has a deep impact on your fat loss. Choose wisely and always within your macros.
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