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When I can see the results ?

Dieting Psychology

The most common questions we hear from our clients always is When can I see results? How much weight I can lose in 12weeks, 24 weeks. Is it possible to lose 10,15,20 kgs in 3months ? Firstly understand the fact that this question is invalid. Everyone is different, so you cannot compare yourself with some other individual. If you see someone losing 8-10 kgs in 12 weeks it doesn't mean you will lose the same amount of weight in that span. Infact you can lose faster than that person or comparatively even slower. Genetically we all are different and we all start our journeys at a different place and different stage so our results are definitely going to vary. Your nutrition and structured workouts are the key players in your transformations. But apart from that, there are certain things you need to understand which also matters a lot. • How well you stick to the plans? • How is your consistency throughout the journey? • How perfectly are you following quantified nutrition? • How efficiently you are tracking your progress? • What kind of training routine do you follow etc? Just understand, results are not always noticeable, it doesn't mean you are not progressing. It's taking place inside our body continuously. Things like lack of sleep, your daily water intake, stress levels, metabolism can all prolong our visible results. So the bottom line is don't set timeframe on your results, setting up a target is good but your health and nutrition should not have an expiration date. It should be an ongoing process, your focus should constantly be on bettering yourself with a good healthy lifestyle for a longer run. So trust the process, keep grinding and everything will fall in place. So do you set right expectations on your fitness goals? 😜


This is a million dollar question and eats away people's will power and confidence all the time. even if you know this, it is a tough one to beat. we are so much attached to the cycle of gratification as a mindset, it's unbelievable.

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