Sheikh Najid

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What's your goal?


First step towards your goal should be taken wisely. What usually happens is people often set their goals incorrectly and hence it leads to series of wrong choices. - Don't just focus on losing weight or gaining weight- One can lose 15 kgs in X-weeks and end up losing muscle mass as well. Consequences may include - In the end the person becomes very weak, metabolism also slows down and in some cases may develop some health issues as well. Person may also find it difficult to lose further. What you should actually target? Focus on losing fat and gaining or maintaining muscle mass. This will make you look toned and will give your body a proper shape. When you focus on this the weight will adjust itself. If you lose fat the weight will go down and if you gain muscle the weight will increase. If both happens then it's simple algebra. It may take it's time. Some people have good metabolism and some don't so it may take a bit longer to achieve the goal for the later one. How to achieve your goal? Simple,a well planned diet and resistance training. If you are here in the group for a while then you must have heard this line several times because it is the most basic yet the most important thing to achieve your goal. PS- Post is based on the usual goal ,set by people to gain or lose .

Trusha valia

I have no idea..kahase starts karna hai..15 kg loose karna hai.this is my goal..

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