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What’s The Best Rep Range For Muscle Growth?

What is the best rep range for muscle hypertrophy?

As many of you know there has been this ongoing myth that the 6-12 rep range is the so called “sweet spot” for building muscle. Anything less and you’re a power lifter, anything more and it’s “all cardio bro” 😂. However that is not what the research says. Research published has shown that the same amount of hypertrophy can be achieved across a wide variety of rep ranges. Provided total volume is equated for, you’re training within 4 reps of failure and lifting at an adequate intensity level (at least 30% of 1RM) While there is NOTHING magical about the 6-12 rep range, it could potentially be a good starting point for most people. Reason being is because usually the weights lifted in this rep range are not too heavy that it causes joint, ligament or tendon pain & not too light that it causes excessive fatigue & lactic acid build up. Hope you learnt something today and let’s all get better together! #fittr #iamfittr

Prince Shah

so 20 reps in 60 seconds vs 12 reps in 60 seconds which is better?

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