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What you should not do in the gym being a beginner !!

Exercise Science

❌ The first day you step into the gym and you will be getting a lot of opinion from people around the gym about taking Fat burning supplements, weight gaining supplements etc . Fat burners and weight gaining supplements is a big NO ❌❌ Please do not take suggestions or opinions from people who direct you to take these supplements which are not worth spending money on . What you should do here ? Understand the science!! Understand how weight loss and weight gain works . What is caloric deficit and what is calorie surplus . What would be you maintainence and bmr calories. !! ✅ TRUST QUANTIFIED NUTRITION !! ❌ People telling you that woman should do cardio and you would be sent to a treadmill machine !! Lifting weights are not only for men. Women can lift them too and infact I strongly believe woman Lift a lot better than men . And women won’t become bulky if they lift weights ✅ If somebody tell you this please run away from Him / her in the gym and don’t seek any advice or opinion from them. ❌ Do not directly rush into compound lifts . ✅ Try to stick machine exercises for few weeks to just get a hang of it once you understand the form then you can slowly move into free weights. ❌ I have seen people in the gym doing cardio in the beginning for around 30 mins and then Coming for weight training sessions with low energies . ✅ Keep your weight training as the priority and cardio can be done post workout so that you can put a lot more energy when training with weights. ❌ This is a very common mistake people do that they feel low on energy so they have some juice or snack rite before their workout . Which is fine if the juice/snack is included in your diet ✅ I would recommend to give atleast 30-40 mins of gap between your workout session and your snack to avoid uneasiness while working out. I hope this post was of some use for the beginners in the group !! Have a great weekend !! Thanks for reading .

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Most important this happens a lot, if someone laughs at you don’t care about them

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