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One day, Lord Buddha watched a student practising his martial art skills. He realized that the presence of others was interfering with his attempts to perfect the technique.

The Buddha sensed his frustration. “What’s the problem?” he asked. “I don’t know”, said the student. “No matter how much I try, I can't execute the moves properly”. “To perfect the technique, you must understand harmony. Come with me”, The Buddha said. The Buddha and the student walked to a stream. The Buddha stood silently for several moments. “Look at the stream,” he said. “There are rocks in its way. Does it slam into them out of frustration? No! It simply flows over them! Be like the water and you will know what harmony is.” Soon, he was so engrossed in his own practice that nothing could come in his way of executing the most perfect moves. The student had achieved harmony and that made all the difference.

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Nice article to continue whatever good work we are doing without being worried to be judged by others especiall y during this Being alone period.Its tume to discover our inner selves and practise hard work in silence and solitude which in the meantime will be recognised by others.

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