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What you do next day when you spent a lot one day?

There are times when we spent a huge amount of money one day. We buy clothes, enjoy watch movies and what not.

My question is what do we do the next day? Do we spent more next day or do we try to come back to a normal routine? I want all of you to write your answer in comment first before reading ahead. It will be interesting, trust me. (NOW GO AND WRITE BEFORE READING AHEAD) If your answer is that you return back to normal spending, then why you burn your diet when one day you have eaten above or other than your allowance. Have you ever spent more next day and on the next day just because you have spent more today? If not why not apply the same thing in diet and not hating yourself for one bad meal? You can always return to your normal lifestyle and diet even if you ruined one day. Please don’t hate yourself just because you had one meal, it will not kill you, nor it will ruin your consistency of 29 days out of 30. So just return back to normal routine and start fresh just like you spend normal next day when you have a good spending day, you will never burn money the next day, right? Always remember "CALORIES ARE MONEY" 😁😁😁

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