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What will happen with just one bite

What will happen with just one bite

============================= Do your friends and family tell you the same thing that what will happen with just one bite - eat this, do dieting later ?. I hear it a lot of times that the reason for not following a diet is pressure from friends and family. Well, if you think of it they should be the one who should encourage you in the first place. Here what you can do is communicate your goals with your close ones and let them know why you are doing this and how it will improve your quality of life, make them the part of your journey. Share your progress updates with them and even appreciate their effort in your fitness journey. When people get accountable for your journey then they will even make concious effort to help you out in your fitness journey.There will be cases it might not work but there's no harm in trying. Cheers!!


I am asking this because sometimes you just can’t resist. You try so hard but can’t. Can i have A BITE????☹️

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