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Chotte Sharma Ji is confused about what to eat and how to lift from tomorrow; TC8 came to an end πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who successfully completed 12 weeks of TC8 and ended it with a positive note.

Many of you might have seen the desired results you were expecting and some may still be lagging behind the set targets, but what's next? What's the plan from Sunday onwards? Are you planning to go back to your old routine or planning to take the next step towards a healthy lifestyle? What do you think is the purpose of transformation challenges? Is it only to transform you physically and keep you on track for 12 weeks? Do you think 12 weeks are enough to change a lifestyle? I have seen many people going back to square one once the TC is over. Many lack that sense of motivation and others didn't understand the core reason for these challenges. Just imagine a guy who has been skinny for 25 years, what best can he do in 12 weeks? Can he be muscular and ripped? Is it possible for him to understand the basics of nutrition and learn its application as well? You know the answer very well, then why do you expect miracles to happen in 12 weeks? What best he can achieve is the motivation, a sense of achievement, his first baby step towards a healthy lifestyle and some positive changes in the body that will drive him further to work hard. The purpose of these challenges is not only to make you fit but to make you understand the importance of quantified nutrition and resistance training. These 12 weeks are just the reality check of your own lifestyle. People who have given their 100% can easily compare their present to their past and can decide which path they want to choose in their future. Results at the end of 12 weeks are not only about 6 pack abs or low body fat percentage but also consists of various small-small factors that matter a lot; you don't feel lethargic or lazy anymore, you are able to have a sound sleep now, you feel more active and refresh throughout the day, your lower back pain has subsided now, you can walk for miles without a break and the most important one, you have a better control on your cravings now. If you have come so far, did something for 12 weeks, reached up to a certain level, then why do you want to ruin it again by going back to your usual routine? Yes, during TC8, everyone was watching you because you were uploading your video every week and that was good enough motivation to keep you on track but now you are worried that who will keep a check on you and will push your limits. Well trust me, this external motivation is very temporary. It lasted for 12 weeks and maybe can push you for another 12 weeks but what's after that? There will be a point where you will have to push your own self to get the results. Whatever you will do today will definitely impact your tomorrow, then why do you need someone else to come to you and tell you that get up and go and lift? Its been more than a decade that I am lifting weights and eating healthy but still, these transformation challenges help me a lot. I always learn something new about myself. I use these challenges to kickstart something that I have been resisting for a long time and then give my 100% to hit the bull's eye. My lower body has always been weak compared to the upper body. My major lifts are strong but still, I never saw much results in my legs. I had set a target for this TC to break this monotony and will do anything to see the changes. I didn't skip a workout for a single day in the last 12 weeks, trained legs for 3 days in a week with proper rest and optimal plan in mind. My focus was to increase the overall volume. Still, I am lagging behind my target but saw positive results in terms of my strength gains and improved my lifts a lot. These 12 weeks gave me that initial push and finally I came out of that mental block that I can't do it. Now TC8 is over but my motivation to reach the target is still pretty high and I am not gonna stop until I get the desired results. It's a long journey, let's use this TC8 as a motivation to keep moving and not a hurdle to stop in between. You did a great job so far and I can assure you, you will do it much better from now on. Chose your path wisely because Every Decision Matters!! Have a safe Workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr

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