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What to do with loose skin?

Loose skin is a concern amongst a lot of people, along with Stretch marks. Sadly very little can be done to fix Either stretch marks or lose skin. Before you go into trying different things, lets first understand what causes loose skin. Loose skin is a natural phenomenon and no matter what you do, you're going to have loose skin at one point in your life. Your skin is a complex structure made up of cells that die and regenerate like the rest of your body. At a macro level, you can view your skin as three layers stacked over each other. Epidermis or the top layer, Dermis of the middle layer and the subcutaneous layer. The top layer or the Epidermis is responsible for producing melanin which regulates colour and is made up of Keratin. Any product that claims to make you gora/kala heavily replies on keratin as one of the base. When you fall sick or go out in the sun, the layer gets affected and increases the production of melanin which results in dark shade or tan. The middle layer is gives your skin the laxity and is made up of collagen and elastin. These proteins are responsible for giving the firmness that your skin has. As you age, you naturally lose collagen and that's why you have so many collagen based products in the market these days. Stretch marks and loose skin are caused at this level and during pregnancy or while gaining or losing weight, if you applied collagen based product along with vitamin E, you'd experience minimal to no stretch marks. (My wife doesn't have stretch marks even after having normal delivery). A lot of women in India don't know about preventing stretch marks even though it's easily available over the counter. This is the layer that's replaced during a surgery. The lower layer is primarily water, fat and collagen. As you age, this is the layer that gets affected. The layer also gets affected due to poor lifestyle, inflammation, low water intake and deficiency of vitamins. Once this layer is damaged, It can't be replaced. Now Dermis or the middle layer can also expand. However if the rate of expansion is too fast, it starts breaking thereby causing stretch marks. Although the damage is healed, permanent stretch marks are formed after a period of time. An earlier use of collagen can help reverse the damage. Once the stretch marks become permanent, They can only be fixed by surgery. Interestingly you'd see that bodybuilders don't get stretch marks as much as fat people do, That's because gaining fat is easy while gaining muscles is not. The rate of expansion in the later is just good enough to ensure no damage happens in the Dermis. Loose skin is just that, Your skin expands at a tremendous rate at which the dermis and the subcutaneous layer starts breaking. Half the damage is done when you gain weight. The remaining happens when you lose weight at a tremendous rate and that too along with muscles. if you kept your muscles or added muscles, the lose skin will skin have some tone, but when you do just cardio, you lose a lot of muscle along with fat and now there's nothing underneath the subcutaneous layer to keep it from hanging. How can you prevent lose skin and stretch marks? Drink plenty of water Take your vitamins Apply collagen based gels or creams while you're pregnant Avoid gaining weight Avoid lifting extremely heavy when you're a beginner ( A lot of guys get stretch marks on their shoulders) Avoid losing weight drastically What can you do now that the damage is done? Surgery Gain muscles Allow skin to gain laxity over a period of time, A lot of people experience better tone after a few years of continual weight training Embrace it and pray you don't do the same mistakes in your next life Should you go for surgery? If the case is extreme and it's causing you a lot of mental pain, please go for it. Make sure you do your research, there are new and innovative techniques coming up in these kinds of surgeries, you can also weight for stem cell technique to become affordable, that way you won't have a scar from a donor area. Hope you liked this one. Questions in comment section, The most liked question will be answered tomorrow.

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