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What to AVOID when you’re SICK.

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.

Its true that food can do much much more than just ‘providing energy.’ Ayurveda has taught me - 2 different aspects of dealing with any disease. 1. Prevention- Treating with food and lifestyle change. 2. Curative- Treating with medicine. Ayurveda has shown immense light on food science. And when you're sick, eating the right foods is more important than ever. Certain foods have powerful properties that can support your body while it's fighting an illness. But certain food may sound ‘Sick day food’ but could be more harm than good. So let’s know what to avoid when you are sick. 1. Avoid refined sugars. The mouth watering cakes, pasteries and candies may taste good but the sugar can potentially increase inflammation in the body and reduce white blood cells to function effectively. You can enjoy some - Fresh fruits or Dry fruits when you are sick. 2. Avoid coffee and caffeine products For most of you hot coffee after a cold night will be the ‘cup of happiness’ but caffeine causes dehydration which can make the aitiation even worst. Consume plain or warm water. 3. Avoid spicy, acidic and oily foods These food items can cause gastric irritation leading to constipation, stomach cramping or diarrhoea. So stat away from it when you are sick. 4. Avoid alcohol You may feel the temp of ‘warmer’ but alcohol acts as a diuretic and flushes out the water from the body cause it to dehydrate. This will weaken your health. Consume plain or normal water. 5. Ditch canned soups Canned soups come in varios flavours which make it even more tempting to have while you’re on your bed but be-aware- It is loaded with sodium. Too much salt can be more harm than good. To still enjoy the delicious benefits of a warm cup of soup, she says to stick with low-sodium homemade soups. 6. Avoid Salty biscuits While fast food industry is growing in huge pace, Salty biscuits are considered to be light and healthy. But it isn’t. Rather you can munch on some rice cakes or makhana while you crave for crunchy and yummy. 7. Be careful of toasts. Toasts are considered a saviour when your sick, but be careful if you are having a sore throat you may hurt your throat. Rather go-for some Rice, oat meal, lentils, veggies which are soft and easy to digest. 8. Scale back on dairy. If you are coughing (bulgum) while also having running nose scale back on curd, milk, butter, creams as it can make your cough thicker. Knowing what to avoid eating when you’re sick is perhaps just as important as what you should eat. So recover and come back to your routine with bigger and stronger fitness goals. Cheers💕

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