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What time should I workout ?

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This is the most asked question by the people who wish to start with their fitness journey. Some people swear by their magical morning fitness session and for some evening / late evenings is best. Amidst all this self proposed magical time what does science says?

I came across this meta analysis by Grgic J, et al. Chronobiol Int. 2019. Where they have analysed various studies done on this subject where they find that though at baseline strength difference is evident in favour of people who workout in the evening but when comparing the effects between the groups training in the morning versus in the evening hours, increases in strength are similar in both groups, regardless of the time of day at which strength assessment is conducted; and increases in muscle size are similar irrespective of the time of day at which the training is performed. Take away ? Irrespective of the time of workout, you gain similar amounts of strength and size. So best time to workout is when you can take out the time! Workout when it’s comfortable to you, Key is consistency! So be it 5 AM in morning or 10 PM at night, enjoy your workout and grind hard, rest assured you will reap the same results 😊 #workouttimings #morningworkout #eveningworkout #besttimetoworkout #morningvsevening #musclegrowth #fatloss #workoutplan #workout #gainmuscle #fitness #gymtime #gymworkout #besttimetohitgym

anish m

most of the gym coach says you'll get fast result if you do work in the morning. why?

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