Jitendra Chouksey

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What Sacrifices?

I read a post on Linkedin where some guy equated success with sacrifice and how he sacrificed "Junk food" to adopt healthy habits, how he sacrificed his sleep to wake up early and he went on yapping about all the sacrifices he made. Well, it made me cringe.

Now I could not help but notice that this is so common. Everyone out there is sacrificing something or the other, the use of the word is so rampant that if freedom fighters were alive, they'd have a find another word for what they did. If you're someone who uses this word, let me tell you what it does to you. First of all, it makes the choices harder than they are For instance, quitting cigarettes. A large body of evidence suggests that cigarettes are not really as addictive as people think but has more to do with behaviour and if one wants to quit, they can. So why do people think cigarettes are addictive? Mental Conditioning. Smoking cessation is a pretty big industry. And it is in people's best interest to keep telling you that quitting smoking is not easy. Once you believe something to be difficult, it actually becomes difficult, add to that, mass opinion and voila, you have an industry thriving on making cigarettes and another on smoking cessation and there's you trying buying and trying to quit cigarette forever wasting money on both ends. People who've quit cigarettes cold turkey know what am talking about. It limits your ability Let me give you a more recent example. We do battling ropes everyday, 3 days back my coach told me I've to do 300 ropes in one go. I stopped at 228, Rohit Chattopadhyay knowing that he wanted to break my record did 400, add to that Aditya Sehgal in an attempt to break Rohit's record did 475. Today the coach asked us to do 400 in one go, Rohit did 600 because he wanted to set the bar high. I did 1010 because now I wanted to set the record high. You see what happened? If I had restricted myself to my coach's perception of my abilities, I'd never be able to do 1000. If you think you're weak, then you're weak. It's disrespectful There are people who've literally laid down their lives for the country, for the world and even they would have not used the word sacrifice as frequently as people do these days. You giving junk food vs Bhagat Singh sacrificing his life. Sounds a little too ostentatious for you, don't you think? A better word would be "Choice". When you give up junk, you get better health. When you wake up early, you get more number of hours per day. These are smart choices resulting in more benefits for you. How can you consider them sacrifices? You drown in self-pity and become hateful When you start believing that you're sacrificing something, you start having expectations from others to compensate for your so called "sacrifices". And when those expectations are not met, you start becoming a hateful person judging everyone else who's not doing what you're doing. I mean my daughter didn't ask me to bring her into this world, everything I do for her, is my duty and a responsibility and my love for her. I can't say that am sacrificing my youth for her. That would be ridiculous. Similarly when I work 24x7 and don't take vacations, It's a choice that I have made. I can't say am sacrificing fun for work. I sincerely hope you'd not use the word sacrifice unceremoniously here and insult real sacrifices that people made for our country. Using the word "choice" would make you look genuine and smart too. Cheers

Nikhil Kharat

I love this platform. If you have a sound mind and body, it helps to expand the potentialities of our brain. Jitendra sir, your message reflects this. I learned something new today. 🙂

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