Aditya Mahajan

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What is RDA?

We humans require a wide range of nutrients to lead a healthy and active life. The nutrient requirement for everyone vary with his/her age, body weight, level and nature of the activity etc. RDA guidelines provide the basis for setting up the standards for the daily intake of nutrients to prevent deficiencies or an excess of a certain nutrient.

RDA is defined as the minimum daily intake of the specific nutrient required to prevent deficiencies in majority (97%) of the population. Let’s understand this through an easy example. Consider a group of adult men having RDA of 90mg Vitamin-C So, this means that if every man in this group consumes 90mg Vitamin-C daily, that will lower their risk of Vitamin-C deficiency. However, RDA may not promote optimal health in every individual due to several shortcomings of RDA. Infact, many new studies showed that there are additional requirements and/or benefits of increasing intake of certain nutrients above RDA depending on the body composition, metabolic health, age, physical activity etc.
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