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What is healthy?

In our pursuit of making everything "healthy", we often reach a point where we've forgotten why we started all this.

Yes, moving from swiggy or Zomato diet to home-cooked meals was and will always be the best decision you made. It will work for you. But going a step ahead and preaching to everyone around that it was all because of the shift from "junk" food to "home-cooked healthy" food, you often tend to ignore most of the things that actually helped you lose all that weight. It wasn't just the choice of foods.× It wasn't just the shift from restaurant food to home-cooked foods.× It was about controlling your cravings.✓ It was about managing your hunger.✓ It was also about making it a habit.✓ It was a sum of a million things that happened just because of a shift from restaurant foods to strictly home-cooked foods. Also, processed food won't hurt you. Everything you eat, even the roti you made, is processed. Even soya is processed. Just look at the nutritional value, see if it fits your diet, see if you can stick to it for the next 30yrs, and go with it. Cheers! #wholefoods #proteins #fats #micronutrients #vitamins #healthy #processed #food #homecooked #calories #macros #carbs

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