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What is diet to you?

Dieting Psychology
What is diet to you?

Does the word ‘Diet’ scare you? Make you wanna scream NOOO!! If yes, then this is for you. When it comes to dieting, there are quite a few misconceptions which are prevalent amongst our society. Let’s check how many of these you believe in? Does following a diet sound to you like you will have to Eat salads only? 😩 Or cut down on rice/oil? 🙁 Avoid carbs completely at night ? What!! 🤢 Need to mandatorily have protein supplements like Whey/BCAA. 🤪 Have green tea or lukewarm water with honey? 🤒 Have fewer meals or eat less in general? 😣 Spend a Bomb on it? 😓 If your answer is yes to any of the above, then you need to glue your senses to your screen for next 5 mins. The first step is to understand how weight gain and weight loss happens. Let me explain that in brief. You will gain weight when you eat more calories than your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). You will lose weight when you eat less than your TDEE. What is TDEE??? Your TDEE = BMR+NEAT+EAT+TEF. Let’s go through them one by one in brief as well. BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate): This denotes the number of calories needed by your body to carry out the essential functions even when your body is at rest, for example, breathing! You need these many calories for normal functioning. NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis): The calories you use up doing any unintentional activity that you do daily like snapping your fingers, fidgeting with stuff, scrolling down FB etcetera. EAT (Exercise Activity Thermogenesis): The calories needed for any intentional activity like working out in gym, going for a run, doing Zumba, Yoga, Aerobics and so on. TEF (Thermic Effect of Food): The calories your body burns to digest the food and absorb it’s nutrients. Which means even to digest your food, you are expending energy. Now, that we have understood TDEE, lets come back to the word ‘Diet’. Following a proper diet doesn’t mean you have to eat just salad, stop eating rice or take supplements or drink magical fat loss tea (they’re a scam). The good news is your diet can consist of food items that you eat on daily basis, for example, you might be currently having oats/omelette/poha in breakfast, chapati and dal-rice in lunch and dinner. In addition to such food items, if you add some protein sources like eggs, chicken, fish, paneer, soya, etc you will be able to complete your protein requirements as well. Diet should be something which is sustainable for you in the long run. Rather than looking at it as a punishment, look at it as a lifestyle change. So, just include the food items which are possible in your macros and enjoy the process. But, before we wrap up, in this process, you need to remember the following things: Eat above your TEE if you want to build muscles (include enough protein and follow a good training plan with enough volume). Eat below your TEE values to lose fat. Keep enough protein between 1.4-2 gm/kg/day of your body weight. Adjust the remaining calories in fats and carbs as per your preference. Stay hydrated and have good recovery. I hope this clears your doubts and you no longer feel sorry for someone who says they’re on a diet (provided they’re following a quantified plan and not some fad diet) or you yourself will no longer feel anguished when you decide to start your own diet. Feel free to shoot away your queries in the comments sections. Cheers!! 😊

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