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Exercise Science

What is a Plateau ? Plateau means when body gets used to a certain workout and diet, and eventually stops showing results. So the SOLUTIONS ? 1. Volume 2. Variation 3. Expert Call 4. Rest 5. Calorie surplus 1. Reducing workout Volume Reduce the weight and lower the number of repetition. 2. New Variation Required Just be flexible in adopting new exercises instead of doing regular Planks try to move one step further by Plank-Jack. 3. Have a conversation with Expert Expect can give you fresh ideas, improve your form help you to stratezise to achieve your fitness goals,and hold you accountable to your workout schedule. 4. Significance of Resting Body needs proper rest to achieve fitness goals. Sleep helps your body to recover and improve your recovery. Give your workout a little break for a week or instead try yoga or walk for a change. 5.5. Intake more Calories Increase your calories by 150-200 above maintenance, as deficit done for longer periods also puts stress on the body and the body starts to store water, as Stress increases the cortisol levels and the body will eventually starts storing fat. #fittrcoach#tc16#trnsformationchallenge#tranxformation#resilireher#resilireherrn#fitnesswithresilireherrn

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