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What if your New Year resolution started now?

I will start working on my health from –

Tomorrow Next Monday Next week Next month After the vacation After the festive season NEXT YEAR FROM 1ST JANUARY – THIS WILL BE MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTION The season of the famous New Year resolutions is around the corner. If your health is not your priority NOW, it’ll not be a priority on 1st Jan. You’ll be up partying late into the night. So there will be indulgent food and drinks after midnight, so technically on the 1st of Jan as well. Then because you slept late, you’d be getting up late – tired and groggy and your regular routine will go for a toss. Now we all know that when things are not going as per routine, we do not want to wish to start any new things that would need time and attention. So effectively you aren’t going to start to work on your “resolution” from 1st Jan. And then it’ll be – from tomorrow, from weekend, from Monday…so on and so forth etc. Assume you are 80 kgs right now. You plan to start working on your health from 1st Jan. Till then you go about with your regular eating habits, attend multiple parties where you have uncontrolled portions of indulgent foods and drinks and have the time of your life. This is because all the dieting and restrictions start from 1st Jan. So lets say on 1st of Jan you are at 83 kg… and then you start. Another scenario can be, you start working on your health NOW… from today. You take steps to improve your eating habits, get into the habit of regular exercising, take steps to being more active. Lets assume with all these efforts you are 78 kg around the year-end. You do attend the parties; you do indulge in food but while maintaining portion control and enjoy yourself. Lets say after the indulgence, as of 1st Jan you weigh 79kg. So in the second scenario, you are already starting the New Year on a healthier note…not to mention 4 kg ahead. Also, since you made efforts to start your fitness routine now, it’ll be much easier for you to get back to in the New Year as well. So the choice is your. You can start now or make another New Year resolution, hoping you will keep it. This is the last month of the decade. Make the most of it.

Bhavana Pujar

I am already on healthy and clean eating. Do workouts. lost 3kgs in 10 days. will continue this life long

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