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What happens when a girl lifts weight? 🤔

Often many of the female clients keep asking that "is weight training really necessary for fat loss? Or cardio is the only way?" In reality, they are not lazy to do weight training, but they are actually worried about it, thinking that weight lifting will transform them into a female muscular monster. Understand this fact, that lifting weight is not going to make you look huge immediately and make you look muscular in fact it can help you to boost your metabolism, to build a better posture, stronger bones and lot more. Muscle gaining is a slow process and therefore you don't need to get worried about getting too muscular. In fact, if you want a good toned body you need to lift weights with proper forms and techniques and focus on progressive overloading. It cannot be achieved by spending hours on the treadmill. Immediately next thought that comes in their mind is how will I get rid of fat without doing cardio? Here's the key, you need to create a calorie deficit with proper quantified nutrition. Cardio is not needed for your fat loss, in fact, weight training is the best form of training for your fat loss. So girls, don't panic 😎 Just keep lifting 💪

Dr Prajakta Jadhav

Yaaay 🤩. I can see the difference in me. Me- 1 yr back VS me Now. 💕 Weight training has changed the game 😎

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