Vishal Singh

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What happen to your body when you crash diet ??

Dieting Psychology
Monday Gyaan

Chamanlal vs heroheralaal What you want to become 1.chamanlaal thinks eating very less will help him fatlloss but that's not the truth he is loosing many other things.He is getting bad metabolism,he is fatigued, cranky and his skin is getting dull. 2.Heroheralaal eats good and guess what he is losing FAT while maintaining his muscle mass, his skin is all good and his metabolism is getting improved . So think what you want to be Chamanlaal or heroheralaal? To be healthy, you need a balance of foods from different food groups. It's difficult to get good nutrition and feel satisfied on a very low-calorie diet.

Narendra Desai

if proper diet, cause for weight gain, it called not proper 🍳🍎🍌🍒

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