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What Exercises Should You Do To Burn Fat?

Exercise Science
Some people still have this notion that as soon as you enter a caloric deficit you automatically need to change your training regime to high volume & light weight exercises. Chasing the pump if you want to call it that.

In reality what do you think built the hard earned muscle mass before you started dieting down? Answer is... the big heavy compound movements like Bench, Squat, Deadlift, Pull-ups and overhead press. Not only doing them but progressively overloading on each of them. So why would you want to change your training program and eliminate these exercises and heavy lifting straight away? If it built the muscle it will help keep the muscle. Your training program and most importantly your training mindset & intensity should NOT change regardless if you are in a deficit, at least not for quite a bit of time. #fittrcoach #fittr #iamfittr

Navin Goyal

confused... can u pls explain in simple words. what needs to be done if one is under calorie deficit. Low reps with heavy weights OR high reps with medium weights

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