Utsav Agrawal

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What About Your Child Health ?

This one going to be a bit harsh; everyone wants that their child should get a world-class education and all the comfort possible, but what about their health. India has the second-highest number of obese children in the world, next to China, with 14.4 million obese children, and this number is rising. Now this about it, what would be the most significant factors contributing to this.

Your behaviors and outlook towards fitness, if you ask an eight-year-old what he/she should eat for optimal health, then the answer would most probably be you have been feeding him/her or what he/she might have seen you or people around eating. You highly influence their outlook towards health and behaviors to follow. So overall, working towards your fitness can be beneficial for their fitness. Here are the few suggestions that you can implement fo your child health 1.Encourage them for physical activity - Well, before blaming i-pads, mobile phones, etc. Ask yourself how often you have encouraged your kid to play any sport or engage any physical activity, and at the same time, there are times you make their schedule such a way there is no time for recreation. 2.Make them Aware- Educate them about the importance of health/fitness and what all needs to be done to get healthy. 3.Set an Example- As discussed earlier, to some extent, kids adapt most of your habits. If they see you making better food choices and taking care of your health, then they will imitate that too. 4.Find out their interest - Physical activity/sport which we find best for us might not be suitable for them. Please do not force them to do a specific activity; instead, encourage them to explore different sports and physical activity and let them choose. Then there are chances that they will stick to it and even might go great in that activity. Do share your viewpoints on this and if some additional to what mentioned above Cheers!!

Sapna Gajra

Since my 13yr old son has started seeing me lifting in the gym, he has started lifting his own bag n his brother's bag as well. Earlier he used to tell me that he is too tired to lift anything. But not anymore. All bcoz he looks upon me as his role model n thats a huge responsibility on me. He is also very keen about protein intake these days. So yes, upto a large extent, our children's health is in our hands.

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