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Exercise Science

Nowadays, 90% of people are just focusing on the weighing scale readings if the number is going down or not. This is absolutely a wrong approach, let's discuss why. The scale will only show your weight in digits but have you ever thought about your body composition? Have you ever realized what are you exactly losing, is it your fat or muscles? Wake up! 🙈 When you go out in public, if your appearance, physique and body composition is perfect, no one is going to ask you about your weight, it's nothing else than just a number. Here's the thing, let's talk about the major difference between weight loss and fat loss. We all are aware till now, creating a calorie deficit is the key for fat loss (and weight loss) The key difference is: 1. Your Exercise routine. 2. Your Protein requirement for the day. When you combine these two things with your calorie deficit diet, you will lose your body fat while maintaining or building muscles. You will just turn into your smaller version if you only focus on eating fewer calories with no adequate protein and no resistance training. Some people might be happy with their scale readings and their smaller versions, but understand, this is a wrong approach of losing weight by which you will tend to lose your muscles and over the period of time just become weaker. So the bottom line is: Focus on building a healthy lifestyle by improving your overall body composition. More the muscles, lower the body fat percentage = "Fittr and Better and Stronger YOU" Keep lifting 💪


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