Dev Biswas

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Weight loss - Speed Vs. Quality

Every weight loss journey starts with a question - "How fast can I lose X kg? Can I go faster?"

I say, "what's the hurry? Reach the destination, don't hit a tree on the highway. You may not have airbags or insurance!" The quality of weight loss ALWAYS supersedes the quantity. Weight loss can happen by losing practically anything from your body, that includes your muscles, bone mass, water mass, fat mass. But ideally you would want to lose fat mass mostly and maintain the rest (muscle especially), thereby making sure that the weight loss isn't just visible on the scale but in reality on your body and reflects positively on your health. Else losing weight just for the sake of the scale doesn't really make sense. With that premise in mind, here's the answer to your question- Yes, it's possible if you starve yourself. You will lose a significant number on the scale, but you'll soon gain it all back after that, you'll sabotage your metabolism and you'll lose more than just fat (even the stuff that you wouldn't want to lose - muscle mass. In an ideal situation where you'd want your weight loss to primarily come from fat loss and for it to benefit your health and appearance, you'd want to go slow and steady. Don't go for speed, Go for quality instead. If you lose anywhere between 0.75 to 1% of your weight each week (on an average), you're doing well. Anything more than that, and you may be going too fast. Hope this helps.

Richa Sethi

Sir , if somebody is not loosing any weight in last 4-5 week , even if following a diet and exercise. What should be the plan of action?

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