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Weight loss is not linear. πŸ“‰πŸ“‰

There are some weeks when you lose a few pounds and some weeks when you gain a few pounds and on some, your weight remains constant. The weight fluctuates on a daily basis. Gaining a few pounds doesn't actually mean you have gained fat. There are multiple factors that can show you why you weigh more than yesterday.

There are multiple factors which contribute to your weight fluctuation on the day to day basis: *Foods high in salt and carbohydrates. *You are weighing yourself in different timing of the day *Your stress level *You are on medication which causes fluid retention *For women, when your periods are around How to measure your progress: *Use the same scale to weigh yourself every time. The different weighing machine can show you different weigh. *Weigh yourself on empty stomach. *Use a measuring tape to measure the inches. (Focus on inch loss, not on weight loss) *Focus on the clothes fitting. Weighing machine won't tell you the truth but your own clothes, it's fitting only can tell you the real story

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