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Dieting Psychology
If I gave you a math problem to solve but didn’t extend to you the fundamentals of the equation with which to solve it, wouldn’t it be nearly impossible to solve the problem? I mean sure, you could guess numbers upon numbers until you’re blue in the face, failing over and over and over again, except in the case of our bodies, the “math problem” gets exceedingly more difficult with every failed attempt.“guessing” about your diet without coaching or extensive education on the matter is beyond not smart, it’s straight-up stupid, you can inflict unnecessary metabolic damage on yourself, travel down a spiral of repeated failure that can make weight loss, even under guided supervision, vastly more complicated than it needs to be.

Initially losing weight is, in fact, a bit easy, the post-diet exit strategy is where 95% of people fail. Whatever diet strategy you choose MUST be something you can stick with longterm, once your diet is completed and you’ve got to your goal weight you must understand how to diet after the diet, if not you will fail most of the time. Habits and behavior change are so fundamentally important when it comes to dieting, without newly manifested and altered behaviors or replacement of habits you will not sustain weight loss. I know safe, sustained weight loss at this point sounds so overwhelming, but I promise it isn’t. It is very attainable and is 100% possible, but I won’t lie to you, it is going to be beyond stressful, for some of you reading this, possibly the hardest thing you ever do. Adherence, behavior change, sustainable habits take years, decades to manifest and become proficient, understand this when starting a weight loss endeavor, it’s about the journey and the person you become throughout the process. Remember, Quick fixes like Gm diet or any other very low-calorie diet do nothing but make weight loss harder and harder and can possibly harm someone's metabolism and long term success.

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