Dr Prajakta Jadhav

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Weight gain overnight.

Fat Loss
Just a sneak peek into - Weight gain over night.

. Have you ever stepped on the weighing scale and found that you were 5 pounds heavier than yesterday, despite followng the diet and traning well ? Then this video is for you. Top 5 Factors for your weight gain could be- 1. Consumption of too much carbs 2. High sodium intake 3. Irregular bowel moments 4. High Stress and Inadequate sleep 5. Womens during Menstruation phase. So next time when you see your scale going up, relax and keep following your current diet and traning routine. Cheers💕

Pallavi Loke

hi, i would like to enroll under you. before i want to have a word with you. let me know how to go about.

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