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Weight Gain After Dieting -Part 2

Dieting Psychology
This is continuation with my yesterday post - https://m.facebook.com/groups/823848317674482?view=permalink&id=2729247933801168

No Exit Strategy Initially losing weight is comparatively easy, the post-diet exit strategy is where 95% of people fail. Whatever diet strategy you choose MUST be something you can stick with longterm, once your diet is completed and you’ve got to your goal weight you must understand how to diet after the diet, if not you will fail most of the time, no exceptions. Remember just because you’re at a lower weight doesn’t mean your body wants to stay there, you have to maintain that weight for quite some time for it to become your new normal. This is why habits and behavior change are so fundamentally important when it comes to dieting, without newly developed and altered behaviors or replacement of habits you will never sustain weight loss Sacrificing future progress When it comes to weight loss, you must detach from your day to day emotions and accept the long term scientific process. aggressively dieting or crash dieting to lose that “last 3 kgs” is beyond not smart, it’s downright foolishness! You need to look beyond the 5 pounds and understand that you have to live the entirety of your life with your diet of choice, regardless of specifics related to your diet, keto, vegan, intermittent fasting, low carb, high carb, whatever you choose, if you can’t live with it, you will fail. My Thoughts- Follow the diet on which you can adhere and sustain Don't look for shortcuts and fall into the vicious cycle of crash diets Think about the long term not just losing those extra 3 kgs, of course keeping smalls goals to reach the big goal is fine Give importance to the maintenance phase as much you give to losing phase Most importantly, don't try randomly any diet just because you have seen someone losing a good amount of weight with that. Learn the basics of nutrition and come up with a customized plan for yourself Cheers!!

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