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Fat Loss
Enjoyed the weekend with your favourite foods and now that it’s Monday, does looking at your weight make you feel guilty or agitated? Are you thinking that you’ve ruined it all?

I say, no!! It’s okay to experiment on new stuffs and have a little fun of your own. And even some of you have taken on cooking in this quarantine as a hobby. But you also need to understand that Gaining 1-2kgs overnight isn’t just fat, considering the whole “one pound 3500calories”. So then what’s that 1-2kg increase on your scale? It’s probably water or the food that’s yet to come out of you. So I see a few of you doing these as soon as you see an overnight increase on your scale, Feel guilty and go on yo-yo diets, only fruits and vegetables diet for the next 3-4 days, new diet plans with a reduce calorie intake, keto and what not. Hours and hours of guilt cardio. And the worst of all, “gained 2kgs already, lemme binge the whole week and continue from next Monday”. This actually worsens your relationship with your food, reduces the confidence, create body image issues and get you into the yo yo dieting cycle. Do not do any of these and fall into the trap. So what should you actually do? You need to understand and accept that It’s okay to have one weekend setback. All that matters is getting back to your routine as soon as possible and avoid these setbacks in the future. It’s not necessary to be perfect, but it’s necessary to be consistent. Always remember that you will not progress/regress in just one day or weekend. Fitness is long game. It’s not necessary to be perfect, but it’s necessary to be consistent. Stay strong. Stay safe and stay fit 💪🏻 #fitwithprazo

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