Harshal Kamthe

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Weekend Socializing ✓

So many people genuinely believe it's impossible to stay fit if they're socializing on a regular basis. The only thing missing here is RESTRAINT. Dining out is not an excuse to have your cheat meal and do a workout later. The healthiest approach to adopt here is eating everything in utmost moderation. Eating by yourself makes it simple to just order what you want, but eating with others always gets a little tricky. When eating with others, there are all kinds of influences happening. You might have planned to order a salad but then everyone else gets junk food. Hard to resist some fries! You want to enjoy some new flavours and have a good time with your friends. And you can enjoy all of these things if you: • Eat in small portions. • Have a meal plan and stick to it. • Put a healthy spin on unhealthy foods. • Add a salad or vegetable. • Have a few bites and then stop. Eventually, this is all about how much self-control you can muster and how much dedication you have towards your fitness!
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