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Water Weight (Retention)

We all have been listening and discussing about this and getting happy/sad about the first week we suddenly drop weight(2-3kgs) and find out its just water. Lets see what it really is.

Where? ---------- At every point of time fluid(mostly water) which is carrying nutrients and oxygen passes from small blood vessels(capillaries) into surrounding tissues where it is called interstitial fluid.This basically gives nutrients, makes cell repair or grow and then return back to capillaries.Retention occurs when pressure in capillaries change or they become too leaky and fluid stays. Why and How? ------------------- Sodium:Sodium is responsible for blood volume, regulation and many other functions. Our body tries to maintain a sodium/water concentration outside cell walls that's approximately the same as sea water. When you consume sodium, your body holds on to water to maintain the right ratio. Consuming 400 milligrams of sodium, the amount in a single gram of table salt, causes your body to retain an extra 4 cups of water, which equals roughly 2 pounds. Google and COMMENT how many grams of sodium you have in a day. and ✍️calculate how many excess cups you are holding. By this i am not implying reduce your salt intake like crazy . All I am saying is CONTROL UDAY CONTROL!. RDA for sodium is about 2.3gms(excluding people with risk of heart disease) Elevated Cortisol Levels: Researches show that high levels of cortisol levels also plays an important role in water retention. cortisol makes you retain water because it has “cross-reactivity” with the aldosterone receptor. Although cortisol has low affinity than aldosterone but still in huge calories deficits and extreme dieting with lot of cardio(Hence we do reverse dieting to prevent this!! see how the dots are connecting), it can become high enough to make u puffy. Carbohydrates: Our body converts carbs into glycogen, which is then stored in the muscles for energy. For every gram of glycogen stored, you gain approximately 2.7 grams of water. This water retention occurs because your kidneys hold on to sodium in response to carbohydrate consumption. But this doesn't make them our enemy. Consumed in moderation, healthy carbohydrates, such as those in whole grains, potatoes and fruits, provide you with energy and important vitamins and minerals. So all you people who get 🤗🤗super excited🤗🤗 after losing 2-3 kgs in first week of LCD or keto be happy but its just water weight gone. Picture(Fat) abhi baaki hai mere dost! Protein: An individual with severe protein deficiency may find it harder to get the water from the tissue spaces back into the capillaries.Remember seeing pictures of starved kids in africa with bloated abdomens? Histamine: When an inflammation is present in the body, histamine is released. Histamine causes the gaps between the cells of the capillary walls to widen, making them more leaky. How to Avoid/Reduce(except things mentioned above): ----------------------------------------------------------- 1. Increase your water intake which will try to balance sodium levels by flushing and your body knows it has water so it wont hold. Like mentioned in a comment by Vijay Tambi Jal hi jeevan hai! 2. Avoid Processed food. 3. Increase magnesium, potassium in your diet. 4. Avoid refined carbs. 5. Sleep well!

Itachi Uchiha

so how to remove water ftom or dry muscles , I mean is there any concept of pure muscle and nothing else? also do those big bicpes of people have water in them?

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