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Visceral Fat

Fat Loss
- Suraj Ray

Visceral Fat is the type of fat that gets accumulated around and between our vital internal organs like heart, liver, kidney, intestines, and our torso. Accumulation of visceral fat starts with the inactive and unhealthy lifestyles of today. So, how do we lose visceral fat? By combining regular exercise with a structured diet, reduction of visceral fat even from most stubborn areas can definitely be achieved. Aerobics or Strength Training? Even though aerobic exercises have shown a greater impact on visceral fat reduction, they also have shown to cause no increase in, or even reduction in existing lean body mass. However, people doing resistance training have shown a greater increase in lean mass which helps in developing insulin sensitivity and better hormonal profile. A combination of both will also improve metabolism. How and where to start? 1. Start with brisk walks along with following a structured diet. You can also include home workouts for strength training in the subsequent weeks. 2. Once you see some changes in your body, start adding some HIIT sessions per week with equal importance to weight or strength training. 3. Gradually increase the volume and the intensity of workouts over time.
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