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Vegan / vegetarian and difficulty in completing your protein macros ?

🥦 🥛 If you are vegan/vegetarian then this post is for you

========================================== 🥦 🥛Gaining muscle and losing fat/Gaining weight etc is for everyone isn't ? 🥦 🥛So if you don't eat meat products or don't even eat dairy products can you gain muscle ? Yes you can !!🥦 🥛 🥦 🥛Gaining muscle being a vegan or vegetarian is quite possible similarly to any other person who is a non vegetarian .This is true that we have limited options for protein but we can easily manage it by altering the quantities.Yes, you might have to eat more to cover your protein macros but hey let me tell you a lot of people are doing and you can find several examples in the group itself. 🥦 🥛What all things can help you being a vegetarian to cover you protein macros . 🥦 🥛FOOD: Paneer , Soyabean , Curd , Tofu , Rajma/chick peas/Black chana, Cheese Supplement :Whey , Casein . If you are vegan 🥦 🥛FOOD: Soyabean , Tofu , Rajma/chick peas/Black chana . Supplement : Plant based proteins So you lets do our best with whatever option we have !!🥦 🥛 NO EXCUSES !! NOW OR NEVER!! I hope this was helpful!! Image courtesy : pngtree

Ankita Roy

Thank you it would be helpful

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