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Exercise Science
Experience Credits: Matin Shaikh

We often tend to start our fitness journey by some motivation, or by watching people around us getting the physique of their dreams. But sometimes it's our busy routine we are unable to get the time for a workout. I have seen many instances where people because of their busy schedule unable to think of going for workout OR have a bare minimum time for a workout. When we talk about squeezing time for a workout, check if you can manage at least 30-45 minutes of yourself. This should not be the issue. There are various ways to do that, it is not impossible when you have decided to bring a positive change in your life. Now when you have identified time for yourself, let me tell you that you won half of the battle. Coming to some tips which you can incorporate to make best out of that time. GYM/HOME WORKOUT: Check if going to the gym is feasible. Sometimes even traveling time to the gym is more than what you can accommodate. If the nearest gym is not that much near, you can opt for home workout. Even better you can start purchasing basic dumbbells and machines to kickstart your journey. I have one of my clients just because of time constraint due to office schedule, she made a fantastic home gym. So start with basic dumbbells. Once you feel its good to go, then slowly add other weights and equipment. If you have tried to enrolling the gym then make sure its closest to your home or its in society or office premise. The benefit of this is that you will save on traveling. Even in the gym, you can design your workout in such a way that you can reap the maximum benefit from the limited time you have. Drop Sets, Super Sets & Myo-reps: Drop sets, myo-reps, and supersets can be a boon when you have a time crunch. This will ensure that you are making more volume in a limited time. DROP SETS: This is a sets where you pick one weight do the possible reps and then drop the weight and try to do more. SUPER SETS: This means that you perform one exercise and immediately perform another exercise right after it. Its a pairing of exercise, the more you pair the more you save time in gym. Ideally you pair up exercises that utilise different muscle groups. MYO-REPS: Its kind of rest pause strategy where you keep weight same and do as many reps as possible, then rest for example 20 seconds and then try to do reps you can until you can do not more than 2 reps. 5) You can incorporate the different days for strength and volume work. This will ensure that you are not compromising on strength and at the same time you cover volume on the volume days which is required for the growth. 6) It's ok to sacrifice your compounds and keep it only once a week for a particular body part and other time do isolations 7) The another strategy to consider is to increase the workout density, this means that shorter rest intervals and taking out more work in a short span of time. Since we are talking about the more workout in less time as Matin Sir said in one of his posts that “Even if you workout for 40 minutes, you have to ensure that you are the most hardworking person in the gym” to get results. This article is influenced by his methods I saw him using, plus what helped me when I need to finish the workout in short span. Sometimes I use to get late due to the meetings, which give me 30-40 mins of an effective workout only. Let me know if this is useful, and what all methods helped you?


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