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Using right Breathing Technique when Practicing Yoga

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Using Right breathing Technique when Practicing Yoga

I often come across this question how to breath while practicing Yoga Asanas, when to Inhale when to exhale. Breathing plays a very important role when it comes to Yoga as it can affect your overall practice and benefits. So three simple Rules for the use of breath patterns. 1. Inhalation occurs as you extend the spine, exhalation when you release tension and relax. For example – If I am in a erect standing position and I lift my arms up, I inhale during this motion. Similarly, I can exhale to lower my arms to my sides . 2. Inhale when you move to center or become erect and exhale when moving away from centered position. Bending forward is to be accompanied by an exhalation. Sitting up can accompany an Inhalation, while twisting or side bends can be done with exhalation. 3. Breath awareness is constant, even when your body is stationery. If your intention is to deepen the physical pose by continually going into wider range of motion, breath can be used to release specific tension areas that restrict the body. In this procedure, revert to the first rule and notice that your body continues to lengthen itself during Inhalation. A keen concentration will uncover where the opening is taking place. On the next Inhalation slowly move your self little further in asana and with exhalation release the tension. Hope this helps in your Yoga practice. Your Daily Dose of Yoga 😊
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