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Use Compound Effect To Better Your Health

Exercise Science
"Small choices become actions, actions become habits, habits become our way of living "

What happens when you push a small snow ball down a hill? When you push a small snowball down a hill, it continuously picks up snow. When it reaches the bottom of the hill it is a giant snow boulder. What does this have to do with health?? Let me answer that. Small steps daily for a consistent amount of time will improve your health by many folds. There are many people who go to the gym for a week, don't see noticeable results and give up. Some eat according to their goal for a few weeks, do not see much difference and lose motivation and get back to their previous eating patterns. If you notice, your current health is the consequence of your past eating habits and workout patterns. You might think that drinking and eating junk for only one day will not cause any bad effects or make you fat. After all, nobody gets fat by eating one pizza right?? But but but, The problem lies when you continue thinking that and keep indulging the calories dense food on a regular basis when your aim is fat loss. Take an example: Week1 --->Calorie Surplus of 1000 Week 2-->Calorie Surplus of 1000 + 1000=2*1000 Week 3→ Calorie Surplus of 1000+ 1000 + 1000= 3*1000 . . . Week n→ Calorie Surplus of 1000= N*1000 Now after N weeks, you have ended eating N*1000 calories extra . What will happen during/ after N weeks? If you are weight training (with progressive overload), you gonna gain muscles with some amount of fat. But if you are just lying on your couch watching TV, the calories will be stored in your body in the form of fat. How to use the compound effect to better your health?: *Show up every single day: Whether you go to the gym or do a home workout, whether you feel like working out or not. Just do what you are supposed to do not what you feel like doing. *Create good habits: Creating habits take time. Take one day at a time and give your best shot. Slowly slowly, doing that thing will become a part of your day. Good habits make you. For example, find ways to stay more active throughout the day, track your calorie intake, drink enough water, etc *Stay consistency and patience during the progress: Remember the race between a rabbit and tortoise, it's the tortoise who wins. Why? Because tortoinose kept moving forward with patience. *Remember Discipline over Motivation: There will be days when you don't feel like working out, days when you don't feel like eating outside your diet. Always remember why you started and keep working on it. Remember, Your choices matter. Your choices are what make you.

Shashikiran Jeppu

Very well said. Quite motivating. Thank you for sharing

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