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Typical Diet Breakdown- Know the Truth

Dieting Psychology

We all would have come across Diets like below which makes people lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Sample: Start your Day with Lime Water with Fennel Seeds 8 am 2 Idli and Chutney One tbsp flaxseed One tbsp chia seeds 11 am One Apple 5 walnuts 1 pm One mulit-grain roti/ khakhra Bowl of Dal Veggies and salad 3 pm 5 nuts and one buttermilk 5 pm Bhel or One Fruit 7 pm One Paneer Parantha The diet quantity more or less remains same or slightly here and there for all genders and age group. The diet looks cool too as there is variety and then weekly you are also allowed to have one cheat meal. Now let’s breakdown Calories and macros here Meal 1- 320 Calories Meal 2- 88 Calories Meal 3- 308 Calories Meal 4- 88 Calories Meal 5- 167 Calories Meal 6- 221 Calories Comes down to 1192 Calories. Here, I have considered the Max Calories. In real people eat a lot less than this. On an average, Calories from such charts range from 500-1200. Protein : Carbs: Fat comes to approx 34:160:46 gms wise Now for instance an average lady would have a Total Energy Expenditure of approx 1800- 2000 Calories which means we are creating a Deficit of 600-800 Calories in a day which would lead to a fat loss of 500 gms-1 kg every week and more in case your Energy Expenditure is higher or you are a Male. Since, there isn’t enough protein(1 gm per kg body weight) and no weight training suggestion, muscle loss will happen too. Due to muscle loss, you also end up losing more water and glycogen leading to more weight loss. Body works in a model of Energy Balance and since you are eating less and losing muscles too, you lose weight quickly. Everything seems so great about the program but below things might happen over time: - Negative metabolic adaptation( you stop losing at lower Calories) - Muscle loss so low strength levels - Lose skin due to drastic Weight loss - Weight bounce back - Hair Fall - Lower Immunity - Hormonal imbalance - Charm Gone Conclusion: Weight loss happens when you take lesser Energy and spend more. But is it the only thing we should consider? NO! Focus should be on fat loss and maintaining/adding muscles in long term. Maintaining good protein intake and not creating too much deficit is the slow and right way to achieve sustainable results. Note: Do not get fooled by so called experts and avoid diets which aren’t quantified and structured for you. #dimaagkibattijalao


What should we have to do exactly for fat loss and muscle gain?

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