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Exercise Science

Once your overall workout routine is set up and you’ve figured out which exercises you’ll be doing and how many sets and reps you’ll do for each… how exactly do you structure it all? There are quite a few methods for structuring the sets, reps, and weights you’ll use for a given exercise, and some will definitely be more or less ideal for you than others based on your goals, experience level, and individual needs. Today I cover what are probably the 3 most simple and common set structures of all: - Straight sets. - Pyramid sets. - Reverse pyramid training. Let’s now take a look at each and figure out which is best for you. ---- PYRAMID SET - -Start with lightweight and high reps. -The weight gets heavier and the reps get lower on each successive set. PROS - Good for beginners who are still learning proper form. CONS - Dumbest set structure as you are fatiguing your muscles and nervous system BEFORE you reach your heaviest weights. You end up lifting the lightest weights when you are at your strongest and freshest and are then at your weakest when you finally get to your heaviest weights. ---- REVERSE PYRAMID SET - -Start with heavyweight and low reps. -The weight gets lighter and the reps get higher on each successive set. PROS - You lift the heaviest weight at the point when you are at your strongest, freshest, and most capable of using and progressing with it. CONS - You’ll need an extensive warm-up before starting your first set. ---- STRAIGHT SET - -The weight remains constant across sets. - The reps are in a range. Example - 6 to 8 or 10 to 12. PROS - Good for gaining strength and muscle size. CONS - You need to pick the right weight such that by the end of mentioned reps, you are close to failure. If you pick a weight that is too light, you will end up compromising on your gains. ---------------------------------------- As for which one I like the most of the three, it’s usually the straight sets done using a rep range. However, I also REALLY like reverse pyramid training and have personally gotten good results using both set structures. Which set structure do you use in your workouts and why? Let me know in the comments. #fittr #motivation #fittrcoach #quantifiednutrition #fitness #workout #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #diet #nutrition #training #fitfam #fitnesscoaching #fitnesscoach #fit #gym #fatloss #transformation #instafit #consistency #strengthtraining

Priti Sugla Gupta

So when on calorie deficit n follow reverse pyramid weight loss is possible

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