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Trying hard to keep that extra weight away ?

Fat Loss
Are you waging a war with your weight?

Is it your everyday struggle or disappointment while you check yourself in the mirror or when you step on that weighing scale? It is time you introspect your diet sustainability and commitment because these two are major factors which translates your success for a long-term fat loss What do we mean by diet sustainability and commitment? - In simple words, it is the ease and comfort with which you can watch your eating habits without the same becoming an inconvenience and struggle for you. The word Commitment has several meanings like dedication, devotion & loyalty. You can practice these emotions for something or someone only if you believe that it holds a significant positive outcome for you. FAD DIETS:- FAD could be defined as a short-lived trend or craze widely shared by masses. Now, without taking any names here, I would like to make a point that these FAD DIETS are always promising unrealistic results after following an unreasonable dietary recommendation. The problem here is, no matter how unrealistic and inappropriate these diets are but they definitely sound attractive and alluring. The only last reassurance that we seek is the wide and blind acceptance of such diets by our family, friends and social circle. That’s it and we fall prey to these traps. A huge percentage of us lack the curiosity to read and understand the reasons or science behind a certain process. So, if you are doing this then your very first stance itself is wrong. How do you think you will complete the race? You are more likely to fall down and get knocked out very soon. I would like to put forward my thoughts about dieting, which tells me that “Dieting is not a remedy but a change of lifestyle “ A lifestyle change requires a good understanding of the new steps that you are going to implement for yourself and also it requires you to understand your own commitment for this better change. Few important points that will act as strong pillars to support the above-mentioned context: 1. Select a diet which you can follow for a very long time without getting bored or distracted Example – If you are a person who can’t do without eating rice or anything which can be a staple food for you. What will happen if you remove this option from your diet completely? (like a ketogenic diet) -You will be miserable and you will lose your calm for other small things in your routine. Rather be smart and make your staple food a part of your diet and this way you will find it an easy walk. Second Example is, if you are someone with a low appetite then it would be wise to have more portions of calories from fats in your diet, else choose calorie dense food and it will be easy 2. Consider your personal/professional routine and daily chores to make your meal prep plans effective. Example – If you are someone who starts your day very early and leaves for work at 7:00 am in the morning. It will be wise that you keep your breakfast light and handy like a fruit, a sandwich or something. It is impossible for you to prepare a variety of food that early in morning when you are in a rush. Also, prep you lunch and snack before hand so that you don’t miss it. Intermittent fasting can be a useful tool for such people because they can restrict their calorie intake to one or two big meals. Remember it will not help in faster weight loss but only help is effective planning. 3. Keep away from distractions – It is very simple to understand that while you are on a diet with certain immediate goal you should avoid stocking any kind of alluring foods like desserts or colas which you are likely to binge upon. Don’t label them as bad foods, they are just not suitable for you at the present moment considering your big goal. Save them as a reward when you accomplish your set milestones. 4. Handle Stress and Peer pressure – Do not let it sabotage your diet. A huge percentage of us are emotional eaters and we seek a good mood in eating things we like or eating things available just before our eyes. Let that not be your weakness and prioritize your diet as much as your work matters or personal affairs. When in your social circle you should not give up on the Peer pressure. Remember that you have to own your goals and stick committed to your diet. Don’t shy away from telling people about your diet nor hesitate to say NO if someone offers you a drink, or food that will destroy your hard work. Remember, that they won’t feel guilty but it will be only you who will face the consequences and guilt. It takes a lot of discipline to achieve good result and it just takes a small distraction to ruin your hard work. So be smart and, make your own choice. We are adults!! 5. Count calories – I am writing this very important point at the end because I assume you all are already aware of its importance. This article was more about the psychological aspects and some hacks to prevent your diet from failing. Diet doesn’t mean a punishment or food restriction. That is just a wrong labelling for this word. Dieting means making a smart choice of food and eat anything you like as per your body requirements. If you are still not aware then start by reading about the very basic terms like CALORIES, MACRO-NUTRIENTS, CARBS, PROTEIN, FATS AND METABOLISM There is lot more that could be written but I leave that for you. Be inquisitive and keep yourself aware. Have a wonderful day ahead .

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