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Truth behind the aesthetically beautiful transformations !!

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So when you see these wonderful and awesome transformations on the group you might be wonder if there is some magic pill which helps people transform and it might be really easy for those particular people to transform.

You might wonder if it’s tough only for you and easy for them ! You might wonder If they have servants, if they have some help from someone etc. Time and again, whenever a transformation is posted in the group, all they talk about is the positive side and how well they have changed themselves. Rarely, anyone talks about the struggle and the sacrifices during the process. Almost every time, people ignore the most important part of your transformation – THE JOURNEY! Let me tell you the truth, that the struggle is real! 1. Everyone wants to have the chaat you get on a roadside, no matter how unhygienic it may be. But Instead of giving up on these cravings, they control and conquer over them. 2. Everyone wants to have Ma k hath ka khana where she uses a secret ingredient called love in the form of extra ghee or extra sugar. But instead of giving up for that love, they take the pains to explain their goals to their parents and ask them to show their love by making them meals within the macros. 3. Yes, a lot of people nowadays stay far from home and they visit their home only once a year. When they are on a transformation journey, they sacrifice the delicacies at home. They sacrifice the visit to home for another 3 months and choose to focus on their goal. 4. A lot of people constantly travel because their work profile is such. Instead of making travel as an excuse, they make a conscious effort to learn about how to manage the macros while on travel, learn a thing or two about nutrition and carry precooked meals or ready to eat things and sacrifice on taste buds.’ 5. There are a lot of people who get bored by eating the same food every day. Instead of giving this as an excuse, they started experimenting with the food and discovered the chef in themselves. They learnt to make different kind of dishes with the same food given to them every day. There are 100s of such examples where people encountered such excuses and managed each one of them efficiently only because they were strong in their head. What motivates them to do this? The intent, the motive, the realization and the hunger to get what they want !! That’s what separates a Winner from a Loser. Did you start this journey to be a loser? There are people in the group who have transformed despite - 1. Being a divorcee, in debt with a toddler to take care of. 2. Being a victim of domestic Violence. 3. Having a paralyzed hand and underwent a brain surgery. 4. Being Injured and not able to move. 5. Managing 2 Jobs, living alone and managing everything by themselves. 6. Having no one to motivate them. Etc. etc. etc. No, its not easy for them, everyone has a struggle story behind their aesthetically beautiful transformation, hardly anyone talks about it ! Don’t get jealous of them or compare yourself with them, instead take an inspiration and be one for others. In order to get there, you need to experience the struggle they went through. Make your own story, don’t compare because you are unique ! And BolneseNahi -- #KarneSeHiHoga So let's talk about the challenges you faced, the struggles you went through in achieving your goal ? Answer in the comments 🙂

Preeti dhingra

managing home, baby and a husband 😛 I did not cut a cake on my bday in 2018 coz I wanted to stay focused on my goal, no distractions allowed. starting to exercise after 1.5 years of being non-active and that too with a baby who was 7months old and needed me all the time. managed it all, and did achieve the little goal I had set to reach before her first bday. though my final goal is still afar 🙂

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