Trust The Process - How Fitness Transformed My Life


 | 1 minute to read
Fitness is not a competition with others - it’s always You vs You. When Snehal Iyer finally realised this, it changed her life.

Growing up, Snehal was a happy-go-lucky girl. She loved hanging out with friends and that always meant one thing - food! But after marriage and a kid, Snehal’s life took a left turn. Living in a new city with no friends, not to mention postpartum depression, food became a constant companion. Over time, she began piling on the kilos and became unhealthy. But the worst part was the constant taunting and nasty comments from other people. At one point, Snehal even thought it might be better to just end it all. Fortunately, before she took such a drastic step, she found this fitness community. It changed her health, her life and most importantly, the way she saw herself. This is her story.
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