Harshal Kamthe

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There is NO amount of watching inspirational videos and reading Reddit Forums that's going to keep you motivated. Motivation always comes from within. Your 5:00 am alarm sounds, and instead of popping up for that morning sweat sesh, something else takes over your body and mind. You're entering the workout spin zone — those 60 seconds where you side-eye your gym bag and then start to justify why you absolutely don't need to get your butt to the gym today. WHERE did all of your motivation go from the night before?

Keeping yourself motivated isn't as hard as it might seem. Inspirational quotes are a good place to start with your fitness commitment, and music can also be a great path to getting into a fitness groove. Keep them both in your back pocket when you need a mantra or song to get you through those last reps. Surrounding yourself with equally motivated people is also a great way to energize yourself. You need to find your comfort level. Remind yourself everyday why you have started the journey. Visualize the success. Visualize how far you want to go. Each and every day counts. One step at a time. But all these other tactics aside: it's the motivation from within you that's going to fuel your inner beast. And when you learn to tame this beast and use it to your advantage - you WILL be unstoppable.
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