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Travels , Gatherings , Diet n Workout plans 🎯

"I will not be able to follow my diet and workouts as I'll be travelling next week" the most common excuse !!

Fitness is about following a healthy lifestyle but by no means avoiding travel or social gatherings. How to stick to your plans in such situations: -Presence of mind! yes it all comes down to smart analysis and calculations: That's why it is so important to learn how to track calories by accurately measuring the food using a kitchen weighing scale especially in the beginning when you have just started following a structured diet so that when you are out somewhere you should still be able to approximate the quantities of food items for which the macros can be easily tracked -Sticking to healthy choices Having burgers and pizzas when you are out and trying to fit them into your macros is the last thing you want to do ;There is always a way to stick to clean eating -Carrying quick foods like nuts , whey protein , protein bars , masala oats etc can make things easier -Having basic knowledge of nutrition : Start reading the label values on the packed products , search the net for nutritional profile of various food items As u keep getting better at this you will find n number of options around you that you can fit in your diet and also start to feel confident about managing your diet anywhere That's the real learning!! -For workouts , carrying a resistance band can help you manage your workouts while on travel -Going out on social functions and gatherings does'nt really mean drinking and eating around almost everything you see Try to be more socially active , interacting with different people or rocking the dance floor sometimes rather than sitting at one place munching throughout. Smart trick: Be full before going out to a party , stick to some roasted stuff , approximate quantities to fit in your diet, avoid sweets and curries . What might seem challenging to you can be your biggest learning :)

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