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Traveling and managing diet and workout

When following fitness regimen life is not just a diet chart and pre decided workout. There are many instances which you have to consider when it comes to practicality. Your life cannot be static and in control always. There will be the time when you have to incorporate the things beyond the fixed diet plans and workouts.

One such situation is the traveling and icing on the cake is frequent travelling. When these kind of uncertainties hits the first thing which goes out of window for the majority of the people is diet and workout. Or added to that some might start freaking out if the travel can take away their progress. This not only make them over conscious but also keeps them tensed all the time they travel. I realised that there is a need of this article so I am just expressing my views that how you can effectively manage the diet and workout while travelling or those who are frequent travellers want to maintain the fitness. 💰 Know how much calories you have in your kitty - Its always know how much money you have for your vacations, similarly you should know how much calories you can eat throughout the day. This will ensure that you know your "Daily Limit" to eat. 🐣🍳 Learn the basics of nutrition, macros - The basic understanding of nutrition and macros always help when you are travelling. It is just like knowing how much the stuff will cost you when you go to purchase one. Its always better to know the "COST" of item you are purchase so that you can keep a check on your budget. Similarly, its always beneficial to know the composition of basic food items so that you can adjust and manage the calorie requirement of the day. 💸Understanding the calories spending on basic stuff - Suppose you need to eat an egg cheese sandwich then having rough idea that how much calories its going to take will keep you aware that how much calories you are left for the remaining day. This is just similar to knowing that how much money you have in your wallet and what is your spending limit. When we want to purchase we actually know our spending limit based on that we modulate if we should be purchasing that or not. Similarly, when deciding what to eat, if you know before hand how much calories it takes then its very easy decision to make. 🐾 Food Logging - The is similar to keeping rough estimate of your spending throughout the day while travelling. We do write the spendings of the day while travelling(at least I do). Similarly why not log food you are eating to know how much calories you ate. This will give rough estimate that how you need to plan subsequent days of vacations and how you need to eat coming days. Know your food plate - While dieting the best you could do for yourself, so that you don't have to fear eating while travelling that is to know your food plate. If you practice eyeballing your food while dieting it will help you big time when you are travelling. How? Try to assess how much 50/100 gm rice looks like on plate to get the idea. This will help you when you have to assess how much rice or any food item you are eating when you don't have anything to measure while travelling. This simple hack helps big time when travelling. 🏋️🧘 Know basics of resistance training and body weight exercises - Knowing this stuff will help you plan your workout when you re travelling. If you have an arrangement of gym at hotel, very well. If not then with the knowledge you can do a quick bodyweight workout for those days. Try circuits HIIT routines to get the work quickly. "Jaldi karo, kyoki Ghoomna bhi to hai bhai..." 😁 Carry Resistance Band while travelling - It's always prudent to carry a resistance band and app that can help you giving quick routines of resistance band training along with bodyweight circuits. So you see, it's not that difficult to manage things. Just know basic stuff and you are good to go. Always consider calories and money you have with you and try to relate the situation that what would you do if you had similar situation with spending money. You will get the answer by thinking that way because paisa sab samjha deta hai 😁😁😁

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much needed information,same way please give some tips on we can manage our food in a party or similar occasions.

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